The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred

The blog of a Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred
The blog of a pissed off Dutch Atheist fed up with all the religious hatred, racism and the suffering it causes in the world

Monday, February 26, 2018

There is a weird thing on the moon

Repost from 2014 to correct the text color

I often encounter radical Atheists, who not only NOT believe in (any) god, but as it looks like they believe nothing  and dismiss every question mark added to official statements as a hoax or conspiracy theory..
Myself I am hugely skeptical about these things , but I think is is foolish to dismiss it this way like hogwash.
I can give you an example of what intrigues so much I am doing research on all the things I can find about it and doing the usual thing like cutting away the bullshit until I reach something that cannot be cut away because it simply is there and there is evidence to prove it .

The following is one of these things and I had a discussion about it on some discussion website and the Question was " would you rather go to the moon or to mars and I chose the option I would rather go to the moon..

If it was only do see what the hell this thing is : I don't know if the top picture is real or part of a hoax created  However the second picture is real and if you enlarge it you will see it as taken from Apollo 11 in 1969
space ship or hoax ?

Original data:
Image Collection:  Panoramic
Mission:  15
Magazine:  P
Revolution:  38
Latitude / Longitude:  19° S / 117.5° E
Lens Focal Length:  24 inch
Camera Look:  Forward
Camera Altitude:  117 km
Sun Elevation:  27°Stereo Pair:  AS15-P-9630
Film Type:  3414

Click here to see the original Apollo filmstrip

Is it so crazy that I am curious ? But guess what happens when I share this with other, mostly American atheists and skeptics suddenly the skeptical part is gone and they apparently just wave the curiosity away and dismiss any evidence or indications  as a hoax or a conspiracy theory.
Isn't that the same thing as Christians do ? they tend to ignore the proof about their beliefs being based on fantasies and dismiss them the same way as their indoctrination has taught them to..
To my opinion -EX Christian- Atheist skeptics aren't skeptical at all this way.
In my book Skeptical means being open minded but evaluate things and cut a way the crap to see what will be left over .
These kind of Atheists just dismiss these things like this example of that thing on the moon..
Read what I got from an American agnostic/when I brought this example up
Mind that I already explained, I am not a UFO freak or conspiracy theorist about the government hiding stuff  AND that I already have been cutting away the things I have my serious doubts about..
Guess what I got from an American agnostic/when I brought this example up?

"It is Just a rock"  that was it ..  No interest, no curiosity, just dismissal..

trying to spark a little curiosity in him I answered :

Ok if it is "a rock" how did that rock get there ? There were no ice ages and no erosion on the moon. There are no no bolders on the moon as we know them..
There is no force on the moon that can have pushed it there
How about a rock that looks like it's "nose" is painted in another color? And this odd bulge on top of it ?

It cannot have fallen there from outer space because it is not in the center of the crater but actually rests along side the slope of a more a less oval shaped shallow hole close to the Iszak crater (which really is an impact crater)
Notice it is like 3.5 mile long and about 3rd of a mile in diameter
It's an abnormality, like it does not belong there ..

Again I am very skeptical about the hype about it on youtube and these UFO "science" websites... Even if it IS a rock I just REALLY would like to see it for real from up close ..

His answer:

how did a rock get there?????? The moon is covered with ROCKS as the moon is made up of rocks, not green cheese as some have tried to make us believe. :)).

Even jokingly, to my opinion this is a defense of his dismissal of my arguments so I gave him another reply:
You are so rigid in your opinion that you totally ignore anything else.
Sure the moon surface has countless rocks but no ROUND rocks because there is no erosion and this thing does not only have no sharp edges it is way too big to be a rock and that is what makes it so weird.

And of course he chose the easy way out:

(quote)"Notice it is like 3.5 mile long and about 3rd of a mile in diameter
It's an abnormality, like it does not belong there .." (quote)
Rounded because of lack of erosion, please. Have you ever seen a rock that size not "Rounded" And there is slight erosion on the moon, trillions and trillions of particles streaming in from space over billions of years tend to round edges. Where do you think all the moon dust comes from.

I have done some reading about moon dust to know that it is completely different than what we call sand and I explained that to him:

Moondust under a microscope

 you are using religious arguments like "were you there" and this erosion you talk about is nothing compared to earth erosion where everything  constantly is in motion..
The moon dust is most probably the pulverized rock that is the result of millions of meteorite impacts
Moon dust is generally very sharp edged compared to earth dust.
Why? there is no erosion on the moon.


Sand under a microscope

Earth dust (we call sand) is generally rounded without sharp edges. Guess why ..

This thing I refer to has not fallen to the moon like an asteroid because there is no crater
Did you look at the original photo strip?
(when you view it it is the original size) the Iszak crater  on the same strip shows a real impact crater..
If an asteroid of the size of this weird object had impacted there , the crater would have been immense still it is just laying there on the slope of this hole ...
You can deny it as much as you want but it does not change that it is still there.

I am still waiting for his answer, but it will probably never come , same as what happens when I out-argue a religious believer..
I had no intention to force my opinion about this moon thing on him, I only wanted to explain to him WHY I would so much to see this thing with my own eyes from up close - I want to know - and isn't this what human life is about ? Curiosity ?  Finding plausible explanations that can be scientifically proven ?
We are living in a time of discovery and gaining knowledge..
When Skeptical becomes Dismissal it is only a few steps away from Dogma, all the open mindedness, inquisitiveness and freethinking and most of  all THINKING FOR YOURSELF  is thrown out of the window..

Ane personally I find this very disturbing..

Friday, August 5, 2016

Youtube Doxxers WTF is WRONG with you (rant)

I had to post this self explanatory message on my Facebook page:

Sorry but I had to remove all my personal pictures because of serious youtube doxxing threats going on at the moment .
Mosty because I refuse to shut up about assholes who put lives in danger for being an Islam critic, for being an ex-Muslim or an atheist in the middle east.

This is what doxxing means
All these doxxed people now face serious risks of being harassed, beaten up or, in case of the middle east, being arrested and killed.
To expose these assholes who throw personal information on the internet I need my anonymity. When I first arrived to the discussion front I was naive to use my real name and within 3 weeks I received death threats coming from religious fanatics by mail (the paper kind) at my home address (thank you google) Here in Europe the risk of being assaulted by Muslim fanatics had become a real possibility and I want to prevent that. Please if you have personal pictures of me on your profile, please delete them.   
Thank you

Why do I say this?
The combination of letters in my real name is so rare that one only has to google it to find it on top of the list, and with a few clicks find my address and even a Google street-view picture of my house. Thank you fucking Google.

What is going on is that people, and this started with Feminists and Social Justice Warriors found a new means to silent their opposition by publishing (doxxing) the personal information, including home address + writing their employer to get them fired.
This happened to Youtube scientist  Thunderf00t and who can forget the shitstorm over that shirt of the European scientist who for the first time in humanity landed a probe on an asteroid.

Doxxing is the most cowardly way to silent your opposition and of course the doxxers turn it around by saying being anonymous is cowardly. 
WHY ? you don't need a person's name to read an argument, it is like these feminists that refuse to have a dialogue with someone "unqualified"  (meaning they have no gender studies degree, which, by the way, is totally worthless..

I just cannot understand why it is not in the terms of service of social network websites (yes youtube is one of them) that doxxing is not allowed and will get your profile permanently removed ..

Fuck, I am angry ...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Religion, the Oldest Weapon of Mass Destruction in Human History

Most likely the first human who invented the first god, was some smart tribal guy who saw that it was a very effective way to protect himself from bodily harm by the stronger ones if he made them and the less smart members of his tribe believe he had a very strong friend living across the mountains. A friend so strong that he could make the mountains rumble by stamping his feet on the ground. Others would not dare to attack him fearing the revenge of  such a powerful friend and even though no one ever saw this friend it was better to be safe than sorry.
It probably dit not take long for this smart guy to discover that his fellow tribesmen were easy lead to believe that this thunder ally would make them to nearly invincible in battle with rivaling tribes and could even conquer these tribes .. The smart guy was well aware that in reality  he was not safe at all so he turned to the strongest one around, usually the tribe leader and made him believe that he was favored by the mighty thunder-friend across the mountains.   
As history progressed the tribal leaders became the Kings of the later times where  the smart guys became the holy men, and priests..
Of course the strong friend story was revised when people could cross the mountain and were likely to find nothing there. as time passed the powerful friend moved to a place where no man could travel, places like in the sky, the deepest sea, or the top of unclimbable mountains.

Religion became the most powerful way of making people compliant and even the Roman Empire  saw that its culture of countless god families was not to work if they wanted to maintain power over Europe. In the 4rth century Emperor Constantine the great  started a change when he decided to go for a new approach that seemed to work in the eastern territories so he threw out the old God families with their immensely complex mythical stories and started simplifying things by adopting the one single god of the Jewish culture combined with folklore about a prophet who claimed to have ben the son of this Jewish god, this was a wise decision because in this way he would not cross the Jews, who he saw as a nuisance and wished he could get rid of ..
He appointed a group of smart guys, that you will find in any era, and gave them the task of  creating this system of a Father, a Son and a Mother who was chosen to bare this son of God , Jesus.
These smart guys of course were the Council of  Nicaea that was well aware, creating a whole religion from scratch would cost decades unless they joined together old Chronicles with scriptures mostly taken from the Jewish Talmud. and combined that with the new story of the prophet , Jesus son of god, in the one book that would be the guideline of  the new roman religion Christianity in al future.
This compromise was created in much shorter time, and there were bound to be errors in the bible because there wasn’t enough time to cross reference the books that were included. Taking the fact that no one could read anyway and the sermons would be given in Latin  these errors would not show for another millennium.  

"King and Cardinal"
To make a big leap forward, Christianity in the form of Roman Catholicity was spread across Europe and later the world in a bloody, merciless often genocidal way. Like in prehistorical times Rulers and Priests joined forces to keep their people compliant, and a perfect example is : As the cardinal said to the king, “if you keep them poor, I will keep them ignorant”.
Even today historians are still arguing about the historicity of this statement but it gives a good image of the religious system of  keeping people compliant and not turning against the ruling class.  At the same times shows how well indoctrinated compliant people could be manipulated to fighting their wars, all the the name of  God and King.   
To the Kings, Emperors yet to come  were given the forces of church and religion, a weapon of almost unlimited numbers of  subjects ready to fight their wars and  to expand their illusion of  power that in reality was in the hands of the smart guys behind religion.
Rulers would eventually die and could be replaced while religion kept expanding its power and influence.
Al throughout history religion has been used as the most powerful weapon of genocide and destruction know to man kind.

This went perfect until the time of enlightenment when in spite of the efforts of religion to keep them ignorant, the people started to think for themselves and discovering that they were being used and started rising up to the power of these Kings and  other rulers, but still in the way religion had taught them, now it became “for God and Country”
In the time of modernization, and especially the 20th century all the religions began to lose their grips on people when more and more people left the church because they became educated and aware that they have been manipulated. The time without god was born, at least in western Europe where the average of people currently identify them selves as atheist, no longer believing in a god presented by the church.  

Don’t think the religious weapon has lost it’s  power.. Islam has gained more power in the past 5 decades than in centuries before, they know how to use the two pillars of religion, poverty and ignorance to organize people in to a formidable strike weapon against its “enemies” and Christianity only has minimal loss in this.. 
Religious Weapon small caliber
Same thing happened in the USA.
Because the ruling class were no Kings or Emperors, religion has found other ways to ensure it's power by giving aid to the rich who can control politics just by their money.
But religion encountered a snag, for the first time it feels losses in the number of  followers it can control, because more and more people become educated and skeptical about this whole religious thing..
One of the pillars of religion, ignorance is rotting away. The past decades the  rich and powerful have been very active to enrich themselves and keeping the people poor. This is not enough,  to keep it’s power standing religion also needs that other leg to stand on. To regain this,  it is of absolute necessity to return people back to compliant ignorance and bring a stop to this threat of education.  Religion realizes all too good that to reverse it back to illiteracy will never more be possible, so the smart guys are now actively is doing what they do best, manipulating circumstances in to their favor, and therefore they need to control education in the advantage of their religion.

I think the only proof  I need to present, this all happening,  is to urge you and look at the rise of  creationist dogma in education by getting religious people in key functions of the educational system.
For the religious weapon to survive it needs an increasing number of blind ignorant followers, The religious weapon keeps totalitarian regimes in power, and together they keep majority of the people in the world poor and ignorant.
But now instead to of kings and emperors this power is given to the rich who can use their fortune to buy their way in to decision making politics while the “peasants” are going to church every Sunday and send their children to church dominated schools to make sure they receive their daily dose of brainwashing..

It is time for this weapon to be dismantled to stop this madness.  
Don't you agree?   

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Usa, the worst modern nation in the world.

I wanted to make a whole story about this but after finishing the list I felt rather depressed..

Here is the short list in what the Unites States of America is the worst country in the developed western world::
  •  Education 
  •  Human rights, 
  •  Incarcerated citizens 
  •  Police brutality 
  •  Police killings 
  •  Mass shootings 
  •  Gun related crime 
  •  Crime in general 
  •  Health Care 
  •  Repeated teen pregnancies 
  • 1st day infant mortality 
  •  People -per capita- living below the poverty line 
  •  Disaster management 
  •  Biased manipulation by news media 
  •  Accidental deaths called by gunfire 
  •  Religious insanity.

This just comes from the top of my head, but I bet you can Google many more examples and it will become a very long list..

The path to hell is paved with corporate donations to politicians...